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Today my life is undiluted.

July 25, 2008

So this past week has felt like an unceasing downpour of inter-continental emotional missiles. Yesterday was probably one of my least favourite days in about 4 years, I was feeling pretty whack and it was compounded by too much thinking, again. I am a germ.

Anyway, today was better and I went to eat food at Vegie Hut with HY. 3.5 hours later and i’m still restricted in my movements, we feasted:

2 x Honey chicken, lemon chicken, satay chicken, blackbean beef, vegetable rice, steamed rice and satay chicken appetizer. It all came with copious amounts of pineapple which delighted me. I rinsed it down with a Sprite.


I had a blood test today; when I took off my plaster this was there:

Garan Leto.

Between all that I tried searching for this:

It’s off McKillop St apparently but when I got there, there was nothing except some graffiti and stinking Biffa bins. I was disappointed because my feet hurt.

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