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Defeat does not exist in this Dojo!

July 26, 2008

So today I commenced phase 1 of the Amy-needs-to-get-to-know-melbourne-a-bit-better initiative. I figured I should probably start getting stuff done now i’ve been here for 3 or whatever months and know how not to get lost. I went into town and walked around Carlton gardens, it was a nice day, I checked out the museum – apparently there’s a Pompeii exhibition on at the moment with actual body casts from when villagers got pwned by Mt Versuvius. Then I walked around for a bit and hung out at Fed Square and watched people. There’s so many asians. There was a sweet BMX parked on a railing with purple wellgo pedals that I wanted to nick.

Here is a man that looked like when cartoons try to get into overage bars by wearing a trench coat and some stilts or by having three midgets stack on top of each other to make a normal sized person…wearing a trench coat.



Then tonight Edgewood came over and him and Hitler’s Youth cooked dinner and gave me some. Here are the efforts (avec dairy-free yorkies!):

Vegie roast and the three bears

Vegie roast and the three bears

It was delicious.

Tomorrow I think i’m going to do the Eureka Skydeck, unless it costs bucks.

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