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Livingston the dream

July 28, 2008

I had a dream last night that I was going to explore space with Ron Livingston, Ethan Hawke and some other dude. Obviously dreams only last a few seconds/minutes but while I was in the dream it lasted about 4 hours realtime. The entire dream was just us, in the shuttle, getting strapped in by NASA and waiting to take off. I feel like I know Ron and Ethan really rather well now; they were making me laugh hysterically in my dream which means I have the ability to make myself laugh hysterically. Anyways, what I found interesting was the fact it lasted for 4 hours, what if you had a dream that felt like you lived your whole life? What if that’s happening to me right now? Living in realtime but it’s actually just a dream i’m having and really in the real world i’m 12 years old and it’s a Sunday night and I have school tomorrow? Weird.

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