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Double dip!

July 29, 2008

So I had another whack dream. It left a hideous taste in my mind for most of the morning. Basically I was a scientist working for a project studying Mammoths. Me and the other scientists- of which there were roughly three – had about four adult Mammoths and one baby one. We decided we needed to take them to Antarctica because they were the only thing that could uncover this ice cap glacier thing which apparently we also needed to study. Anyways, we got there and to uncover the ice cap we had to get the mammoths to play about on top of it. So they did and they managed to take the top layer off and whatnot by like …sliding back and forth, I’m not sure how we managed to instruct them to do it but they did. I took a shining to the baby one and wanted to play with it but its mother cracked it when she saw me touching it, she came over and unceremoniously trampled it. I was obviously gutted so i grabbed it away and as i did it turned into this horse/baby thing about the size of a cat. Imagine a baby but with a horse’s head (without fur and with a mane). It was really gross and its neck was broken. It was looking at me and choking and then stopped breathing and went all like….Rigor mortised. I knew i had to “unbreak” it’s neck because there were bones out of place and protruding under the skin. I had to use my fingers to crack the neck bone into place, I’ll probably never forget the way it felt to do that. Brutal. I gave it mouth to mouth and as it woke up so did I.
I had to get ready for work so there was no time for me to flush the dream out with another more pleasant one so all morning I had this image of unbreaking the neck of a stiff little horse baby.

It’s ok now though, The Aryan is making cupcakes, albeit gluten-free, so a hit of sugar before bed should give me some colourful chimerical activity tonight. Rainbows and glitter and sugarplums :-|

Today I found a shop in Richmond that sells exotic flavours of Chupa-chups, needless to say I bought two of every flavour.

Apple, cherry, raspberry, watermelon
Apple, cherry, raspberry, watermelon

Have an eye close up


When Carla first saw this she said "what's that fish?"

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