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everybody clap

July 31, 2008

Haha, isn’t it funny how people will lie to themselves and others to make life easier? I find it amusing how people preach integrity and self respect yet will go against the very morals they supposedly live by in order to save face and gain credit from the people they seemingly admire. To all the self-seeking, servile sycophants: you’re nothing but an imitative parasite that’ll eventually be left holding your dick and wondering “hmm…maybe I should have been a bit nicer”. By that time you’ll have corroded everything you thought you loved with your heedless approach to life.

On a lighter note….CHURROS FOR DINNER! (again) The Aryan took a bite out of one of the best ones, it had a curl at the end of it and it was soft, I thought my heart was going to explode with rage.

Had a bbq in park-park today in Richmond and ate vege burger and lettuce sandwiches. We had canvasses and paints and went wild and more than likely looked like we were on day release.

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