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August 5, 2008

So right now i’m eating a Starburst lollipop. To make things clear, I didn’t purchase this. It was offered to me by Rebursular and against what I thought was my better judgement I said “yes please, i’ll take the apple flavour”. So I suppose I shall start with the pros:

  1. It has a robust but artifical “apple” taste which after a few moments in your mouth feels quenching and agreeable with the palate.
  2. The texture is smooth and the lollipop itself is a good size. It perhaps even offers a slightly larger portion than the standard Chupa Chup.
  3. The stick is plastic – classic.
  4. Sanctions few air bubbles thus reducing the chances of an adverse event aka – cutting your tongue and offers an even flavour throughout taste-absorbtion.


  1. Leaves sugar residue on your teeth like a coke.
  2. Gives you that sugar sore throat feeling after eating too many sweets; I can only imagine what level of dextrose burn i’d receive should I have an extemporary mass craving for these things.

This is an unfair examination of ONE Starburst Apple flavour lollipop. This is the second i’ve had of this brand and the first time I wasn’t so impressed, It was blackcurrent flavour so probably to be expected. However, based on this comparison I’d say that i’d be inclined to choose an Apple flavoured starburst over a Raspbery, Apple and cola Chupa Chup. Strawberry, Cherry, Berry, Lime and Orange chupa chups still trump Starburst though. Big call.

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