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The Weekend

August 5, 2008

So, many hangs were spent on Chapel this weekend. Me and Hollywood went to the Melbourne stencil festival and saw the likes of the UK’s Klingatron and Iran’s A1one. A1one is quite ‘Banksy’ in style. I guess because his content is very political and anarchic. All of the stuff there was outstanding and some pieces were just mind blowingly full of talent. As per, there was a distinct lack of female talent, I only noticed two chick names and now I can’t remember them.

As a result of our little jaunt, a fire has been lit beneath Holly and I to do more art-related activities. Henceforth…next weekend (and hopefully more following) we have contrived a plan to buy canvasses and spill our collective talents. Hilarity will ensue.

Here’s an example of some of the work on show, I urge anyone reading this to go check it out, it’s completely free to view.

Daniel Melim
Daniel Melim
Ralph Kempken

That last one isn’t actually a sprayed stencil. He does these massive images but out of black card, so the white bits are actually just the white wall behind the picture. Each image was about 2m high. He’s also from Melbourne. Or is based in Melbourne. He likes Melbourne.

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