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Pop goes the weasel…

August 8, 2008

Don’t go to see Married Life. Worst. Film. I think the actors must have been conned into doing it.

Time was a crazy son of a bitch today. This morning dragged like a Wednesday, then this afternoon I had to do man-work and move boxes to clear out a horrid dusty store room which made me sneeze and smelled like a wet dog. I was also concerned about spider encounters because there were some suspect cobwebs hanging from the ceiling. Bailed on work at three and then time seemed to dissolve before my very eyes. On my way home I saw this:

Indignant scrawls in chalk
Indignant scrawls in chalk

And before that when I went to get theeessseeee:

I saw this guy tucking into a delicious pigeon.

This crow was about 1 metre long and 3 metres high. Where's the pigeon's head?
This crow was about 1 metre long and 3 metres high. Where’s the pigeon’s head?

After this nonsense, I semi rode to chapel st. Semi meaning i caught the train and rode from South Yarra to veg out time. Peak rush hour though and seeing as I can hardly ride my bike in a straight line anyway, I was happy reaching my destination collision free.

Jacked for the weekend!

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  1. twentyfourthletter permalink
    August 12, 2008 3:42 am

    The crow eating the pigeon is so metal its got its beady eye on you too! Are you sure its a crow it could be a few things from the Corvidae family.


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