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You know what the trouble about real life is? There’s no danger music…

August 23, 2008


Walking around the city is exhausting. Who’d have thought i’d be living with this boy again and in Australia no less. You can’t predict a thing…

I decided I need to stop throwing out peace signs all the god damn time. As a refreshing change I was thinking something along the lines of this instead…

Then I thought maybe i’ll go down the cerebral palsy route and chuck something like Tuan here…

In the end I decided on something simpler but nonetheless decent enough to be seen in a photograph…

At first I thought definitely without the glove but now I think maybe it’ll keep me on the cutting gang-sign edge if I keep it. I imagine this is how Michael Jackson felt when deciding whether or not to wear his white glove out to public engagements or just keep it as an onstage accoutrement. I think he made the right decision.

We went into a vintage store on Flinders today and there were two items that I wanted to buy but couldn’t because i’m a broke ass jew. One was a brown 80s style jacket that was that kind of polyester quilted material with a red, yellow and brown striped collar and cuffs the other was a red and blue beanie with snowflakes on it. I love 80s clothes. I’m willing to exchange $90 worth of cupcakes for equal Australian currency. That amount of cupcake could probably feed you for about 2 weeks, probably more, depending on who you are. It might also make you Hyperglycaemic but who cares, I want that jacket.

I started reading this

I find Chuck Klosterman endlessly comical. If I could write like anyone it would be him or Mia Timpano

Earlier I tried trimming my fringe. I think i’m satisfied. The uneven edge only serves to represent my erratic and fluctuant personality. This, of course isn’t, true. I’m pretty stable. Or am I? The only reason I stopped cutting was because I feared Rouln would enter the bathroom and thus rain down some Rhianna-Jade wrath. She doesn’t like my hair. She’s a bitch. If you’re reading this I love you and will do anything you ask me to. Even buy you chocolate in the rain.

Ah, Friday nights.

Ah, Friday nights.

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