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Out of sight, out of mind.

August 29, 2008

I need to live by this rule more often.  It works for me pretty well.  Mental “filing” has always come easy for me, I can box things up and put them away in the depths of my mind to return one day as stress induced alopecia.  Fingers crossed i’m dead before i’m bald.

18 hour fasting before veg out also works for me…

See that red on the fork? That's my blood. I wiped it off don't worry. It's because I ate so fast I broke the speed of sound and my fleshy constitution couldn't take it. Not really, my knuckle just started phantomly bleeding, probably all the moshing down Chapel st.

My mood is foul.  I’m tired and frustrated.  Though, happy with my full-with-veg-out-time-tummyyyyy.  I want to travel again.  I  want to have money. I want a car to go to far places.  I want I want I want.  Uh.  Disgusting.  We got smacked in the chops with our water bill today on top of our extortionate internet bill.  It’s fucked.  We are 500 litres a day over what we should be,  500 litres? abuhhh!  And we’re not even watering a garden, only lady gardens.  We apparently use 200 litres a day EACH.  I don’t see how a family of three should be consuming an average of 365 litres per day and we’re using over 800.

I think I like Gracer because sometimes the vocalist sounds a little bit like Phil Collins.  Maybe actually only in one song – The Night Sky.

A man accosted me today (nicely) because he “liked my style”.  My style today was my Have Heart tee, black jeans and the jacket and hoodie.  I suppose my hair was relatively 80s and I was wearing skate shoes.  He tried getting my number and then told me about a mountain place I should visit called Lake Mountain or something.   Anyway, I talked to the guy for about 5 minutes bout life and stuff.  He was from some island, I wasn’t really listening.  I managed to weasel away from him without providing him with any useful information other than the fact I work in Richmond.  dammit.

Mail to Mirrim!

Waffles’ first pint

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