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Where’s me lucky charms! (this contains an Into The Wild spoiler)

August 30, 2008

Yags crashed his car into a Mercedes.  In front of about 12 people, less than one metre away.  It was very funny.  It wasn’t really a ‘crash’ per se, just cracked some reg plate cover or something, I don’t know, I was too busy laughing.

I ate veg out time again and this time had three servings, yellow tofu, pumpkin and chuchee :):):)  It was so so good and I finished it all again, i’m smashing VOT lately.  They need to get onto some kind of loyalty card with a points scheme.  I’d slam it everyday.

Checked out Hellboy 2 tonight, good fodder but not much cop for anything other than some sexy visual stimulation, good fight scene at the end.  Reviewers have been writing off Guillarmo Del Toro for doing the same thing as Pan’s Labyrinth but  I reckon that’s just his style.  Just like many artists who stick to the same style because they’re good at it and it’s what they do best.  I hope he does another brutal fantasy film.

After that we went to the Casino and almost won $300.  That place is a mixed bag of chav derros and old men in work suits, i’m pretty sure there was more than one hooker in there too…not in a million years would a super fox 19 year old be talking to a 56 year old in a faded suit because she’s interested in what he likes getting up to on a Sunday afternoon.  The grossest thing about it was she was obviously willing to have his cock in her ass so she could purge his wallet. I was gonna say it’s one step away from being an actual prostitute but technically it already is prostitution.  Fucking wonderful.  I love the world.  Speaking of which, I found out a relative didn’t eat for two days because he couldn’t afford to.  Fuck money.  I’m gonna find a quiet place and live wild on berries and wood and die like Emile Hirsh in Into The Wild.  Maybe not starve to death….i’ll probably find a poisonous snake once i’m done with everything.  I always admired Cleopatra’s style.

Today I feel: Happy, awkward, frustrated and excited.

Tomorrow or Sunday La Panella is getting ruthlessly pillaged.

p.s – tonight confirmed I bring un-luck.

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