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September 9, 2008

Isn’t it funny how memories just pop into your head for no apparent reason at all.  I’m just sitting here about to get started on some Japanese and suddenly i’m remembering chilling in Brisbane, eating chips, alone, one sunny day in the city.  I was eating these chips and I see this guy and he’s dressed smart: shirt, tie, shined shoes, pressed trousers… etc.  The only thing different is he’s walking funny, like dragging one of his legs and hobbling and I look closer and he’s got a napkin tucked into his shirt because half his face doesn’t work and he’s dribbling.  He’s dribbling this massive string of saliva and he’s struggling to balance whilst simultaneously negotiating his way through the traffic of citygoers and he notices he’s got this long string of spit blowing in the wind and he reaches at his paralysed face only he lacks the dexterity of a normal person so his arm travels in a zig-zag before his hand meets the napkin.   I try and figure out his deal by being unobtrusive but i’m staring because I can’t help but think how he came to be this way. I mean he was obviously conscious of what he looked like or else he wouldn’t have had the napkin and he wouldn’t be dressed in a suit.  I figured maybe he’d had an ‘accident’ which resulted in him being this soul trapped in a malfunctioning body.  Or maybe he’s always been that way and I was just one more awkward earthling unable to unfix their gaze in light of his physical incapabilities and one more person he’ll have to try and ignore staring at him.

Either way It made me realise how easy it could be for something to happen and turn out this way, to me or someone I love.   Life is fragile and I don’t think I realise how much.

Today was:

No work






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