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Pigeon fancier…

September 13, 2008

I was at East Richmond Station waiting for my train today and saw this little couple. .. The one on the right is obviously dead (i knew because there was a furious trail of ants leading  into it) and the one at the side was just there…looking at it.  She wasn’t even moving much when people walked past,  just standing there really still waiting for him to wake up.  But he wouldn’t because his head had been stoved in by something, possibly a train or some little bastard school kids. Or maybe that crow from before.  It broke my heart and I really wished I could speak bird so I could have said something like “i’m sorry for your loss, Jonathan was a wonderful pigeon” and made her a cup of tea and biscuit or the equivalent in the pigeon world. I guess that would be…. a handful of Millet and a puddle of water?

House show at a sauna

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