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Endorphins schmendorphins…

September 14, 2008

The sun makes me ridiculously happy.  I was walking down the street just grinning because I couldn’t help it.  Today was utterly pleasant.  Hitler Y and I went for a pleasant stroll around the pleasant city and did very pleasant things.

We did about 5 minutes of our tourist routine…

~skinny face~

Drank slurpies

We visited the Condom Shop on Chapel st because….we just did…. and laughed at/wished we owned some porn dvds.  Favourites being “Hard Time” and “No Swallowing Allowed”…i’m not sure the latter would be great to watch with your GF/BF but I think if you’re into chicks gargling and blowing bubbles with your sperm it’ll be right up your alley.  Anyways, after looking at all the naughty pictures, Rhianna couldn’t help herself and ended up caught short on Bourke st and suffering from a little bit of the old objectum-sexuality…

Watched Fast Food Nation which I thought was rad, definitely a movie to check out.  I had to look away a couple of times because I’m a wuss and also because there’s some fucked up Machine vs Man scene which I find unbearable even thinking about…because stuff like it really happens, and I have an irrational fear of large machinary.

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