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This is That

September 23, 2008

Weekend was this

Veggie bar chocolate cake

Went to Sike Your Mind and remembered how much I hate waiting around at alldayers. I love them until i’m there.  As i kept telling everyone, repeatedly.  As per, I ate everything in sight. 3 x over.   Third Strike, Miles Away and Carpathian being the highlights.  Generally it was rad.

I vomited blood today after eating a can of pineapple.  It was a really intense hour of cramps and  niagara-sized mental dread.  Mainly I thought the pineapple had been poisoned/sabotaged at the factory it was made at and had me remembering this story I read once about these people in Russia that bought dodgy vodka one time and they all turned yellow.  Thankfully, it came and went pretty fast so my mental and physical torture was only shortlived but it was intense enough for me to be a bit like “WTF”.  Maybe I won’t have pineapple for breakfast tomorrow.  Or maybe I need to lay off the pineapple altogether.  Either way, i’m not down for throwing up blood again.

I’m 100% rainbows.

Sike Train 2008

Sike Train 2008

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