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She’s a hack!

October 1, 2008

I love how open people are on their blogs.  Makes for great reads.

Today I played musical platforms because Flinders Station thought it would be fun to mess with everyone’s lives.  I must have climbed half a mile of escalators this morning.  As if my anxiety wasn’t peaking enough after having a nightmare dream last night about a train crash and then finding out a derailment was the reason for all the nonsense with the platform changes.  This brings me onto something i’ve done for………as far as I have been able to remember my thoughts.   I call it “Disaster Scenarios”.  It’s a little mind “game” I play where I find myself mentally living out horrendous car crashes, plane crashes, train crashes, bereavements, limb loss, paralysis, clairvoyancy, wilderness survival and a whole host of other insane situations I could potentially find myself in.

It’s less a game and more a sort of mental Tourette’s.

I liken it to Tourette’s because I can’t seem to stop the tangents I veer off into until I come to some sort of natural resolution to the imaginary situation or I am brought to my senses by something.  When I was younger they were less artificial and consisted of losing sight of a parent in a crowd, mother dying, getting lost in the supermarket or being put into a children’s home etc.  My mum often told me she was going to send me to a children’s home if I didn’t stop being naughty, years later I asked her if she remembered all the times she told me she was going to do this and whether she realised quite how concerning I found this when I was small.  She did remember, except she called it “the naughty girls’ home” (which apparently does not exist) and was mortified when I told her that to a young child the naughty girls’ home/children’s home is the same thing and any kind of threat to be sent away conjures images of great calamity for a child.  Nowadays though it’s terrorist attacks, biological warfare, any of the above and/or contracting hideous diseases like the one I read about today where some girl bleeds from her pores, that disturb me most in my spare moments. It’s not all the time. In fact it’s probably once every other day I do it.  I’m just being prepared.

I know other people do it too. Well, i know of at least one other person that does it.

I am liking this today:

Something weird just happened, I was just re-reading this post and the bit where I wrote “when I was younger” I read at exactly the same time as when the singer of LLT says it in Call It A Day.  Mintal!

Also, the singer of The Mongoloids sounds like the Cookie Monster and now you can get free Chupa Chups from the slevin when you buy a slush puppy!!!

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