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A Largely Fanciful History of the Spiegeltent

October 9, 2008

So I planned on going to the opening ceremony of the Melbourne Arts festival tonight, but sure as the sun will rise, so will I be late….for EVERYthing.  I managed to miss the entire thing (“so I’m the tardy one!?“)  which was mildly vexing because apparently there was going to be a fire show and it wasn’t meant to finish until 10pm but by the the time I got there everyone was walking away and holding novelty glow sticks.  I wanted one badly but couldn’t see the source of everyone else’s fun….

I wasn’t about to let my $3.50 train ticket go to waste so I thought i’d amble around the city a little.

Here’s some photos:

Melbourne loves being blue…

Pretty much standard to all you Melbournites but for us foreigners…the lights are like candies for our eyes.

Even though I missed the fire show I still saw some fire with this dude poiing it up riverside…

And then I was just in time to see Melbourne’s regular fire display…

~good photo~

~good photo~

I obviously broke my no eating after 8pm rule and chowed down on lordo…

American sauce of course

American sauce of course

Looks like dogshit tastes like Gold.

Looks like dogshit, tastes like Gold.

Then I went and got some of these special little treats…

The more I think about this statement the less it makes sense, I think I actually scratched my head when I read it.  So I ate another one…

I love doing stuff on my own.  I like that I know i’m going to remember this night forever.  Melbourne rocks.

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