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This Will Destroy You

October 26, 2008

I haven’t read a book in about two months.  The last one i tried reading was Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs which I found difficult to get into because the subject matter he wrote about was too in depth for me connect with, so I’d lose interest every 3 seconds.

Today I bought these:

This Is Heroin is about….Heroin.  It talks about the abundance and enslaving effects of the drug.

The Great Gatsby – i’ve never read this and it’s just one of ‘those’ classics I guess everyone should try and read at some point.  I thought it was some kind of love story but further inspection suggests there’s a little more to it.

Another Vietnam – Tim Page is one of the more well known vietnam photographers.  I thought I liked his stuff but now I think it’s all a little bit standard and I think people only like him because he documented part of the insanity that was the American/Vietnam War.  Looks like he dissects the photos quite a bit though which could be interesting.

The Idler – it’s about sex and I bought it because of the suggestive and frankly quite offensive cover (Damien Hirst).  Appealed to my licentious side.

Made some of these “pleasantly awkward” strawberry vanilla cupcakes. They are the best i’ve made so far.

Hung out in Northcote high st.  I’ve noted a steep incline in how many times I mention spiders to people.  There must be a strong corollary between my anxiety/irrationality and the warming season.

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