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My mother…

December 12, 2008

It’s funny when you first start to discover your mum isn’t just the cleaner for all the messes you get yourself into.  I started to discover my mother was an actual person when I first moved out of home when I was 18.  I moved to Wales- which is only 2.5 hours drive away from where I lived but is technically a different country.  It was during my long distance phonecalls home that i’d find out snippets of information about the person she was before she had her kids.  For example, she’s been married 3 times, and one of those husbands was a talent scout for EMI records.  This meant she lived a brief but fairly lavish life of wining and dining artists on that label.  She used to “hang out” with the likes of the Rolling Stones, America and AC/DC and was actually with Bon Scott (singer of AC/DC) the night he overdosed in his car.  She would tell me things like her and her friends would follow these bands on tour around the country, going to every show and generally live up to the “groupy” label.

Today she emailed me a bunch of AC/DC videos of shows she was at and ended the email with:

“Bon was a bad boy, but good fun”

Like mother like daughter?

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  1. nesssy permalink
    December 14, 2008 5:36 am

    yeah like mother like daughter

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