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Christmas 2008

December 26, 2008

So I was supposed to go to Adelaide for Christmas but it turns out I’m THE most unorganised person living on this earth and couldn’t go because there were no train tickets left available. I didn’t really mind because a) it meant being in a confined space with who knows what morons and b) it hasn’t felt like Christmas at all this year. It would have been nice to visit Adelaide though and hang with the c-bear’s famille. I thought about volunteering at a homeless shelter but some brief research showed me that lots of fools wanna be kind on Christmas day and often the places don’t need the extra help.  So, Andrew invited me to go with him to visit his families and it turned into quite the adventure.
His car brakes had been playing up recently and we figured it was just because the brake fluid level was at “danger” …so we bought a Dot 4 beverage for his car and decided we’d consult a parent in the morning before filling it up. Morning arrived, we exchanged presents and then went to fill up the brake fluid tank.  We would have been successful had it not been for my insane super human strength the night before when unscrewing and thereafter tightening the cap on the tank. My hands are still burning from trying to unscrew the damn thing all morning without success.  So we set off like the idiots we are with minimal brakes and crossed fingers. The car allowed us gentle stopping but any kind of emergency braking was out of the question because the tires simply locked when Andrew pressed the pedal.  So there we are doing 100 km p/h on the motorway when we are forced to come to a speedy halt as traffic rapidly piled up in front of us.  This meant locked tires, lots of smoke and a long screech while all we could do was wait to crash into the car in front. Luckily, the left lane was available to skid into and as a result the only things that crashed were our heart rates. It was pretty real and after that we decided to pull over and get the stupid cap off the tank. We parked in a layby and low and behold there was a police station opposite, so I went to fetch some kind of unfastening tool while Andrew succumbed to frustration under the bonnet of the car. I had no such luck and so insisted a “strong pair of hands” was the only answer. This came in the form of an affable and festive officer of the law who promptly marched up the offending cap and supermanned the culprit off. Anyway, long story short: refilling the tank didn’t work, called the RACV and turns out the brake line was punctured, got towed by a man named Lee who was having a “don’t ask” kind of day and then got a taxi to Andrew’s dad’s where we had amazing lunch and dessert.


Then we headed to Andrew’s mum’s and chilled there where there were four of the most loving and affectionate dogs I’ve ever met. We made mashed potato in this machine which I am going to save up and buy because it’s the absolute single most useful contraption I’ve ever seen. You can even make icing sugar in it from regular sugar!  Shortly after we ate mashed potato there was a spider saga wherein I silently fell apart in the kitchen as it was revealed that not only was there a giant spider in the vicinity but it had just dropped its guts of all its babies which promptly scurried for shelter .  I itched irrationally for about an hour afterwards. Before that happened though we went for a little walk to watch the sunset.  This was a surreal experience for me, watching the sunset on a cliff edge, wearing a summer dress….on Christmas day.  Here’s some photos:









The kindness of some people often overwhelms me and yesterday showed me that there are more good people on this earth than bad, we just don’t seem to recognise the good as often as the bad.  I come from a large family and we use Christmas as a time for everyone to get together, play games and discuss whatever nonsense it is we discuss.   Listening to family stories and childhood memories made me miss home and in a way I’m very much looking forward to seeing my friends and family.  On the other hand, I’m dreading leaving Australia and the incredible people I’ve got to know here.  I had a wicked day and can’t wait for the new year.

Yuck, somebody get me a visa.

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