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New Years Eve

January 1, 2009

So in true drunk-amy style, I became this fine earth’s most annoying inhabiter last night.  Consuming copious amounts of alcohol when you hardly do in the first place is neither wise nor prudent when establishing new and maintaining friendships.  Around half my phone book received drunken voice mails, or if you were a lucky person, an actual phone call.  It would have been my entire phone book had my service provider not been overwhelmed by the rest of Australia trying to do the same thing.

I woke around 7am this morning to find myself located on the sofa, in pyjamas I don’t remember changing into and with Lord Of The Fries stickers in my hair.  I hate boys.

Migrating to bed made me realise that not only did I desperately want to vomit but that also, at some point last night, I must have placed my head under the wheels of a passing lorry because the undeniable pain resonating through my head can only have been caused by such massive head trauma.   I feel revolting and my new year’s resolution is not to drink all year.

A few examples of what went down last night…

Do i like to get drunk?
Annoying drunk bitch award goes to….THE BRIT!








No girls allowed?
Ragers.  No clit in the pit.

Australians love fireworks…

Here’s to another year of heartbreak, travel, new friendships, new experiences and entering my third year of being vegan.  2008 has been so amazing and a complete learning curve on dealing with life without the sage advice from my long time friends.  I finally got to travel a little bit, realise how much I love and miss my friends from home, realised how rubbish I am at keeping in touch with anyone not in my timezone and missed my mum properly for the first time ever.  I’ve made some amazing friends who i am going to miss so much when I go.  Enough of this emo nonsense and more of this…

(Courtesy of Simon Doran) …Merry New Year everyone!

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