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Post #132…most boring yet?

January 24, 2009

On Thursday I saw Against, Verse, CBK and Carpathian as part of the Boys Of Summer tour.  The day show was kinda sloppy and all the little children smelled bad  but the night one was awesome.

Can’t really say I was into Against.  Too “tough guy” for me to really appreciate, despite that being the ‘sound ‘ of London hardcore these days, I just don’t dig it. Verse levelled up last year as one of my favourite bands to listen to with the release of their latest album, Aggression.  It was definitely one of the sounds of 2008.  As was Carpathian’s Isolation.  Both bear the signature of Getaway Studios’ Jay Maas.  CBK are a band I’ve seen so many times and yet every time I see them I am just as excited to watch them as I was the first time round.  Such a great band.  Verse were everything I thought they would be – rad.  It’s awesome when you see a vocalist get passionate about the things they’ve written about and are comfortable about expressing their views on topics that may stir up mixed responses.   The last time I saw Verse was with Another Breath in 2005 in a little pub in Cardiff called Dempsey’s.  I think that was the show that made the owner bar all further hardcore shows from happening there.  Probably because it felt like the floor was going to cave in.  Carpathian were rad as always.

We went and got trippy taco for dinner and I got two free vegan mars bars that were out of date – score!  Then when I came home there was a vegan breakfast burrito waiting for me from my housemate who got given it by mistake, then yesterday we went and got trippy again for dinner and was greeted with:

“you were here yesterday…”

“…haha….yeah :|”

I’m gonna have to start donning a disguise.  I love a food fad.

So today I have to go and purchase several gifts to send home for birthdays and some belated Christmas presents, i’ll probably hit up Brunswick street and get churros for lunch.

In further news:

My housemate passed out in the toilet and had a mini seizure

I drank some “slimming tea” and it fucked me up royally

I’ve been spending more time in the real world

I got paid yesterday…yesss

It’s my birthday tomorrow and I do NOT want to turn 24

I’m temporarily ‘zen’ about leaving Australia…though tomorrow i’ll probably get another ulcer.

Look at this horrifying dog…I’m laughing but I mean…it’s obviously short circuited somewhere along the line..

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