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Burned out in a jar…

January 28, 2009

I turned 24 over the weekend.  Another unexceptional birthday weekend goes by and I’m a year older and a year closer to having to deal with reality.  24 feels different though, I think people expect something more from you.  Expect you to have earned some kind of achievement, a career or at least be on your way to one or perhaps be in a long term, meaningful relationship that’s headed somewhere.  I can offer none of these things.  The greatest thing I have achieved recently was managing to ruin a very simple brownie recipe and then managing to burn said ruins.  I definitely do not have anything close to a “career” and i’m not heading towards one either, and there’s certainly no long term, meaningful relationships to speak of.  Except in a platonic sense.

Things I can be thankful for though are sincere friendships with good people, a stable and loving family to go home to whenever I am ready, a lifestyle free from animal cruelty and a home in a beautiful country that opened its doors to me a year ago.  I get to live a carefree life in a city that provides me with all the music, vegan food and good looking people I could possibly want and in return all I have to do is open my door and step outside.  I have zero stress in my life except for that which I bring about of my own volition.

My birthday passed event free but I had a pleasant time nonetheless.  I ate pizza and drank coke with Andrew and we decided we’d do adventures the following day:

We drove to a place called Arthur’s Seat, which is a mountain situated overlooking the peninsula.  My camera tricked me into thinking it was full of battery but proceeded to die after about 4 photos so I only managed to get one shot of the view. I took my lomo camera with me though so hopefully some of those shots will come out well.  It was a perfect day though, completely clear skies, beautifully sunny and the sea was a crystal clear blue.  It was a breathtaking view to say the least.  Whilst we were there we heard/saw a tree fall down.  After that, Andrew and I went to visit his old primary school.  It had everything, wicked little playgrounds, a massive playing field, these gimungus tyre things – I probably wouldn’t have gone in those as a kid because of spiders an’ that but there’s no doubt you would have played the most epic hide and seek games at that school.  It was also really cool to see the point of reference in the many stories Andrew plucks from his childhood…

“that’s where so-and-so smashed his face on a rock and it made a loud noise like this *claps his hands*”

” and that’s the boys toilets, we’d always try and pee out the window… we got in serious trouble for that…”

“…and here is where I was crushed to death by a horde of year sixes bundling on top of me.  I was 5.”

And so on.

We ended the day with a two hour nap after being adjusted by Andrew’s chiropractic/healing mum, then we came home and ate caramel cups.  Perfect.



Weird coloured screens on the side of the motorway





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  1. allimighthavegivenforlovessake permalink
    January 29, 2009 3:14 am

    I don’t talk like that.

  2. nesssy permalink
    January 30, 2009 10:00 am

    and you call me a faggot

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