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A quiet place to think inside my head…

February 1, 2009

My childhood was peppered with many an ear infection – I enjoyed horsing around in the water and the  result was ruptured eardrums and partial deafness.  I remember on one of my many visits to hospital for hearing tests, the doctor told me if my ear drum burst one more time it was likely the damage would be total and permanent.  I hated my ear doctor, he was foreign and his accent was so thick I couldn’t understand him – great for someone treating DEAF KIDS –  and every time i’d visit him he’d ask me if I liked my name to which i’d respond with  a confused “…i suppose”.  He also stemmed my hatred for having my ears touched.  Thank YOU Mr Singh.

For anyone who hasn’t ruptured their ear drum, the pain is similar to that when you take off and land in a plane whilst suffering a heavy cold.  The pain is pretty intense and lasts for however long it takes the ear drum to burst.  Then, after it’s burst, there is a sound like air coming out of a lilo, a throbbing pain in time with your pulse and then your ear gushes.

Though I can’t say I’m enjoying bleeding from my ear, the unusual quiet is quite peaceful.

Time for these:

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