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I got a date with the night…

February 1, 2009

In 43 degree heat, Butler St is absolutely unbearable to inhabit.  You can’t go upstairs without immediately breaking into a sweat and then fainting 10 seconds later.  As a result of this revolting situation, Andrew and I decided to go to his mum’s for the night because she has chun-lan and there’s beaches nearby and we couldn’t bear another night sleeping downstairs.

We fueled up on Trippy Taco before – and got a discount from the cool chick because……..she’s cool – bought three slurpies and went on our way.  I’ve never experienced any heat quite like this.  There’s no respite from the wind either and really it only exacerbates the situation because it’s like being inside a tumble dryer.

Once we arrived we cooled ourselves under the sweet sweet air conditioning and I listened to Andrew bust out some tunes on the old joanna.  After a while we decided we’d be romantic BFF’s and go and sit and watch the stars on a little grassy knoll overlooking a place called bird rock beach, it has a huge vantage point and you can see the twinkling lights of Geelong and the city.  We laid there for a while and watched the shooting stars catapult through the sky and talked about space and the milky way.  It was so quiet that all I could hear were the lapping waves and my unrelenting tinnitus.  And Andrew doing zombie impressions.  Idiot.

After we’d had our fill of the night we trundled back home to watch Lethal Weapon.

The next day we rocked up to bird rock beach again and sunned ourselves in the victoria sunshine, played catch and swam in the sea.  It was a mini holiday away from stuffy melbourne.

We had some night photography fun before my camera ran out of battery….again…




Today Hazel came by and rescued me from the sweltering heat of Butler street and we went to hang at Lee/Holly/Borgs’ place in Mornington.  They have a pool and we played marco polo, ate burgers and vegan sausage rolls and then played night marco polo – which is fucked.  We also made whirlpools and compared body shapes.

I came home to potato gems and Dead Space which is the most violent video game i’ve ever come across.

Best weekend.

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