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I have nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion…

February 15, 2009

I feel like my teeth are moving.

Late night pool on Brunswick street, Trippy Taco and slushies was how I spent my Valentine’s night.



Kindness House

Kindness House

I think i’ve been somewhat pre-occupied about having to leave Australia because last week I left my purse at home twice, my phone at work twice – getting to flinders station one time and having to go all the way back to Richmond because it was friday and I couldn’t leave it the whole weekend, I got the wrong train home one day and ended up in Ivanhoe and most mornings felt like I required an intravenous caffeine drip.  i’ve not done any of those things before.  Having to go home is so annoying.  I’m not ready to and frankly there’s nothing for me there except my best friends and family.  Which I suppose is enough for a while.   I don’t understand how people can live in the same place their entire lives.  Fair enough if it’s a major city, there’s far more to do.  I live in a place where on a Friday night, you can go to the town pub (The Cork) and meet everyone you’ve ever met over the course of your first 18 years on the planet.  Sadly, i’m not joking.

John Humphreys sums up my home town of Welwyn Garden City in the following paragraph:

I defy you to find one person smiling, or even anyone who isn’t thinking

“Why am I here? Why am I here? Why am I here? Please someone kill me,”

over and over again, then holding their breath until they pass out.

That really is it.

It sucks the daylight out of the day and the happiness out of anyone who goes near it.

The next five months are going to be tough.

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