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If it wasn’t for bad luck…i’d have no luck at all…

February 28, 2009

Great run of luck today, went to pay for my flights but had to change it to an earlier one because the flight I’d had no longer existed.  Couldn’t pay on my shit kinder egg westpac cash card because there was some wacky day limit on there so walked 15 minutes to get  cash out to pay for it and then the AssToMouth machine stole $50 ~ awesome~ but i didn’t realise until i’d walked all the way back to the flight joint so had to walk all the way back again.  The poor dude serving me was already working over his contracted hours to accommodate me, on a Saturday afternoon.  I come home now to peruse the photos with friends I’ll never see again – taken last night – and my camera has ceased functioning.  Hopefully, with this great streak of luck i’ll forget my passport on Monday, miss my flight, pay a fee to re-schedule and crash and burn somewhere over the pacific but only after i get given a non-vegetarian meal and realise i left my hand luggage at Tullamarine Starbucks.  Fingers crossed hey.



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