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Blogging in Kuala Lumpur…

March 3, 2009

I’m failed by the very thing I consider to be remotely proficient at.   My use of the English language was severely compromised and overridden by my vociferal paralysis when saying goodbye to my nearest and dearest last night.  Driving to  the airport in near silence, because I was unable to convey even a crumb of the despondency threatening to fillet me like the over zealous Poissonier in The Little Mermaid, was all I could do.  Even so, the sheer weight of emotion I was trying to bridle still managed to take shape in hot tears and a lump in my throat the size of my liver.  This meant I couldn’t express my love and gratitude to the people I call my favourites for giving me a year I will never forget.  This is a feeble attempt to say “thank you” to everyone that’s made my time in Australia something completely unforgettable and to thank you for giving me an insatiable appetite to get my act together and come back on a permanent basis.  This doesn’t even touch on half of what I wanted to say to many individuals but it’s all I can muster in a short time.

I leave Melbourne with a heavy heart but I can take a little solace from knowing i’ll be back.  It’s just the time in between I need to deal with.

Miss you already guys.

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