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“I hate London when it’s not raining”

March 15, 2009

Today the mim and I drove to the city and tubed it to go eat at Beatroot.  I received some good jew karma along the way when the man standing next to me neglected to notice the £20 note sticking out of the machine when topping up his Oyster via credit card.  He walked away leaving me free to make the good conscience/bad conscience decision of whether of not to take the £20 note and pocket it.  I took the money.  I figured it’s the universe balancing itself out seeing as it stole $50 from me in Melbourne two weeks ago (this made me feel better).  We headed for Berwick St to fill our bellies with some delicious vegan cuisine.  My feverish excitement prior, during and still now – 6 hours later has been unavoidable.  I got accustomed to the abundance of meat and dairy free places to eat in Melbourne that I almost took it for granted.  I react here as if vegetarianism/veganism is some new or foreign concept even though i was raised in a meat-free environment… and anything I see suggesting veganism has me jumping up and down and whooping like a chimpanzee.  I digress.  We both got large boxes filled with five flavours.  I chose Shepherd’s Pie, tofu salad, masala, sausage rolls and this potato/parsnip deliciousness.  Mirrim got basically the same. It surpassed my previous 10/10 rating and today I give it a 10.5/10.  They’re super hippy in there and use wooden cutlery (no splinters) …it was 20 minutes of elemental pleasure.  All the cakes in there are vegan too.  I bought the last bakewell slice.    I’ve run out of words to describe my delight.



many flavour

"The realness"
“The realness”

We got stopped in Soho by some would-be young journalists for being so damned trendy, perhaps it had something to do with my “superhero” outfit…

~clean mirror~

P.s I forgot to say that when we got back to my car I’d gotten a parking ticket.  Some jobsworth moron thought it was worth £60 to give me a ticket because mine wasn’t properly displayed in my window…now I know why some parking attendants in London wear kevlar.

Maybe i shouldn’t have taken that £20…

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