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L-city hangs #2

March 23, 2009

I hung out with Sarah and Cherroi this weekend, first since being back.  I love my friends.  I tried in vain to find some decent jeans but gave up almost instantly due to my impatience handicap.  So instead we met Cherry at Southbank and grabbed some food (a dry falafel wrap and chai latte)  It’s amazing how similar parts of london are to Melbourne…  Cherry tried to remember where there were some banksy’s but couldn’t and i had made a rookie error in footwear so wasn’t keen to promote the idea any further.  Anyways, we came across these dudes breakdancing bankside and thought it was a good show.  It’s bad quality and in one million sections because my camera is legit shit.

Cherroi, meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, sarah


not vegan but...

not vegan but...

Cherry refusing to open her eyes for a photo

Cherry refusing to open her eyes for a photo

inverse oompa loompa

inverse oompa loompa


sarah's mad instant photoshop camera



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