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Rockin’ weekend

April 5, 2009

Friday night at wagamamas – my first time!  I thought i was going to cry, the food was amazing, i had this and it looked like this:


Honest to god there is no greater more exquisite feeling than eating food you’ve been craving and have it be better than perfect.  I wish i could go here every day.

Hangs in soho square with the gays and Elaine.  I’m tired, she’s about to vomit.



Saturday night partying with mim et copains: no pictures, lots of offensive dancing, a knobhead who’s reserved area we crashed and left…unpromptly, spaghetti legs, walking about 10 miles to and from Brick lane, my new appreciation for pretty bikes, the limiest drink i’ve ever had, three in a bed and the little one said, story sharing, talking about australia aaaand a bunch of other stuff.

Tubed it home and arrived to find this little terror in my room.  It appears a Tasmanian Devil snuck home in my backpack…


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  1. nesssy permalink
    April 6, 2009 2:44 pm

    aw you look so cute, that cat is scary asssssssss

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