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Wagamamas: la troisième partie

May 16, 2009




I starved myself all day so i could better appreciate wagas tonight,  i was so excited to eat my food my hands couldn’t control my chopsticks so i simply shovelled and swallowed which seemed to work out.  Els imparted some chopstick etiquette, something to do with not passing food to other chopsticks because it represents bones…another thing was don’t leave your chopsticks sticking out of your rice, again, something to do with the dead :-|


This was so unreal hot it made my eyes water.  Yasai chilli men.  Not as good as yasai itame nor the katsu curry but i can’t have that again cos it aint vegan.  There’s a few more vegan options to try but right now i’m electing the yasai itame as favourite.  I love food so much.  In case you didn’t know. 

In other news…

today i went for a jog.  It ended after twenty minutes (ten was spent walking) and i felt like i wanted to vomit up my lungs.  My fitness levels are…..unique.

Tomorrow i’m going to spend getting siked on mine and rachel’s bidniz.

over + out

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  1. joelbillington permalink
    May 16, 2009 8:35 pm

    well if it isnt holly

  2. chaptersxxx permalink
    May 17, 2009 2:14 am

    Your t-shirt made me smile.

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