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May 17, 2009

So.  We wanted to make apple and chocolate wonton parcels but given that we live in an area where shops don’t really accommodate for diets that vary much farther from frozen pizzas and pie & chips, there’s not much call for foreign foods on the shelves.  Thus we found ourselves wonton-less and without much else.  We decided upon some pastry puffs and went from there:

Roasted peppers, onion and cherry tomatoes  on a puff of pastry.  They were delicious and smaller ones would make great party food.  If you are that way inclined…




I am constantly trying to find ways of making it so i can eat bananas.   They have too much goodness in them to bar and the universe knows i am in dire need of goodness.  I can’t just eat them outright though because they make me feel funny and sometimes make me gag a bit and, after a disturbing incident, i’m less inclined to go near them unless they are to be blended into oblivion.  I had some pastry left over so i thought i’d use the wonton parcel idea but use bananas instead.  They were obviously trés bon but hardly healthy….

chocolate, ‘nanas, icing sugar…




They’d probably go well with ice cream.

Tomorrow i jog …again.

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