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May 24, 2009

She lays in peace upon the frame

Of love’s complex and epic game

And gazes night and morning views

A fresh desire for life imbues

Though Cimmerian shadows do taunt her now

Of ancient woes that won’t allow

A forward glance at what’s to come

Only what has past to keep her numb.

But lessons learnt through actions’ fever

Slow and sure mud ‘comes clearer

Harshly chiding, a masochist

She grants him here one last kiss

A saccharine mistake of which malign

Untruths embroider and thus outshine

A real and guileless love and hate

Wild and chimerical she planned to bait

But conquered by charm’s natural gift and

Surpassed by beauty she cast adrift,

‘pon heavy waves in song-less sea

The heavens seemingly ignored her plea

For efforts of conciliation

Her soul shut eyes to her frustration

Where heart takes over and swells and bleeds

Common sense is lost and mind accedes

So years depart and still she weeps

For absent lover and heart still keeps

A hiding place safe from prying eyes

Where secret treasures are stored inside…

Kept hidden from all jaded quarrel

Down thorny path and poison laurel

She tip-toes dauntless into the peril

Her madness immune to sickly venom

Strike by strike she endures each blow

And in his icy footsteps does follow

Foolishly believing love is blind

…too fearful of another life.

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