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May 31, 2009

Today sucked whilst simultaneously ruling.  I bought heaps of clothes, a new pair of jeans, cute underwear, vitamins so i can continue living and some mock duck.  Our day was initially hampered however, by an exploding/burning car forcing us to wait at a stand still for twenty minutes on the motorway. We blared music and discussed apocalypses.  Stevenage on a Saturday is similar to what i think Hell must be like on a high functioning day.  Then on our return we had a little surprise in the form of a large, yellow triangle locked onto my front side wheel.


I’d parked in a leisure park (cinema, tgi fridays, kfc etc) thinking it was free but we were apparently filmed leaving the leisure park and thus not using the facilities which is apparently not conducive with the leisure park “parking rules” -despite no signs stating this wasn’t allowed.  CCTV/1984 insanity aside we phoned the po-po to check the legitimacy of the jobsworth immigrant getting his clamp on and reluctantly handed over the £125 cash-on-the-spot release fee (there was quite a substantial day’s takings inside his glove box, highway robbery sprang to mind but considering my only available weapons were a 1.5 inch key and some plastic coat hangers, i decided it probably wasn’t a good idea).  He took his sweet time to “unlock” the the clamp, painstakingly slipping on a a pair of gardening gloves and obviously relishing his favourite part of the job but as he did so, an audible “D’oh!” was issued from my lips as i saw him simply take off the UNLOCKED clamp and put it in the back of his van, i guess i’ll know how to take it off myself for next time!?  Needless to say i was displeased.

“cheers mate, have a nice day”.

I can’t help but feel like my universe was loudly punishing me for spending yesterday’s pay cheque on too many clothes and on jeans that i am less than happy with.

Fucking cunt.

We made peanut butter chocolate ]vanilla cupcakes and watched 300.  No better way to quell my anger than by eating it away and watching a few dozen chiseled-from-granite hunks spear some hairy Persians.

IMG_0689Wah :C


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  1. nesssy permalink
    May 31, 2009 11:35 pm

    well i do believe i TOLD YOU not to go spending your money on clothes nOOb!

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