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“Great scott she called me thief…

June 7, 2009

..juss cos i gotta watch fulla gold teef!”


I had the cheapest, quickest haircut today and i’m pretty sure my hair dresser got a boner.  His hands lingered juuussstt that little bit too long around my neck for it to be appropriate and there was that real awkward moment when i got my fringe cut; girls will understand that when you have your fringe cut there is one of two things you can do 1)close your eyes and look like a total nOOb or 2) stare straight ahead and endure the awkward hairdresser-centimetres-away-from-my-face-and-they-are-staring-into-my-soul moment. I’m not sure why or how but my eyes drifted toward his crotch and i noted a distinct bulge.  Whatever, it only cost me £13.50 and i tipped him for his pleasure.

p.s finally got a consultation for my next tattoo.  6 month waiting list? Fuck.

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