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Dreams dreams, of when we had just started things…

June 20, 2009

This morning i had a series of quick fire dreams:

  • I had my heart nonchalently broken by a mysterious boy while they were ironing their jeans
  • I attended a party (seemingly alone and without knowing anybody there) where I brought a tupperware container of honey soy tofu as a token of social decorum.  On my way to put it in the fridge, some girl didn’t move out the way for me and i didn’t move out the way for her and we collided shoulders resulting in me yelling “move out the way you stupid fucking slut!” she said something back but i don’t remember. I  put the honey soy tofu in the fridge and on my return saw the “stupid slut” talking to her friends and looking at me.  I went up to her and without a word, punched her in the boob and knee’d her in the cookie.  Wtf??  It took her down anyway.   This makes me feel funny because a) i’d never do that in real life unless there was just cause b) i had the balls to do it without knowing anyone there.  All her mates were so surprised what a psycho i was they didn’t do anything.
  • I was 6’7″ tall and all the boys thought i was gross
  • suddenly had asian hair and skin
  • Had my heart publicly mended by the same mysterious boy and it was happy ever after.

— i think these all took place within the space of ten minutes.

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