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Auberge Du Lac

July 2, 2009

My work paid for dinner at a Michelin Star restaurant tonight where i had a bespoke menu created for me because i’m a beastly vegan.  Pretty awesome considering everyone else had to choose from the ‘standard’ menu.  The food was out of this world, i’ve never eaten anything that cost so much since i swallowed my mum’s wedding ring.  Let me set the scene:  balmy summer’s evening about 28 degrees, huge country manor, rolling meadows, willow trees and wild flowers surrounding the restaurant and a little river with a ferry coming to and fro, night light candles dotted about amongst the trees and garden and the best antique silver i’ve ever held in my hands.

To start they brought out some wild bread as a pre-pre-starter, it was nuts and fruit and tasted like it cost £10 a slice .  Then came the pre-starter:

070109201522Wild tomato “gestapo” (Gazpacho) soup.  Tasted way better than jews.  Actually i wouldn’t know if it tastes better than jews, it tasted pretty good though.

Then came my actual starter:


Truffle and asparagus salad.  Is there a word for better than perfectly cooked asparagus?  I guess not.


This looks bland but this was olive cous cous, sun blush tomatoes and fresh beans, cress and garden peas.  It was surprisingly filling and amazingly flavoursome.

pre-dessert dessert:


Gooseberry sorbet and elderflower jelly with some little gooseberries in the middle.  The jelly is made made with “vege gel”?? Whatever, i inhaled it.

Actual dessert:


A selection of sorbets…water based vanilla with little strawberries, apricot and dark chocolate ganache and pineapple WITH TOFFEE PINEAPPLE PIECES! This was the best.  Finished off with a freshmint tea.

I have no idea how much the bill came to but I imagine it cost a pretty penny.  I need to be rich so i can do this all the time.

oh p.s this is where it’s at:

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