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There is nothing to do except be nice to anyone still alive…

July 10, 2009

Today I had to get the bus home.   I was sans iPod AND book so I had to just stand around.  Some old man asked me if I knew about the 300 bus, I said what did he want to know and he wanted to know if it had come by already.  I said yes it had but there was another one due in a minute, he disagreed almost immediately and said that was the 301, not the 300, I said “oh” and explained I didn’t often get the bus.  I pointed at a 300 bus pulling in and he said it was going the wrong way.  He was flitting a little wildly around and was quite difficult to understand.

Him: “you look like a 22 year old student! you one of ’em?”

Me: “Oh right… that’s quite specific, i’ve just come from work actually, i’m 24.”

Him: “i’ve got froat cancer, yeah just been dealing wiv ‘at and i’ve finished treatment now”

Me: “oh gosh..that’s not very nice at all, are you alright now?”

Him: “yeah that 300 was the wrong one, i got it in me froat and ya know it’s the radioferapy i ‘ad, still smoke 10 a day though, used to smoke 20 but i’m down ten now”

Me: “That can’t be doing you much good”

Him: “I’ve just come from the pub, lost a bit of weight since ‘aving the cancer, *proceeds to reveal his distended belly which he pats and guffaws at* been drinking with my twin, ee’s 17stones”

Me: “oh wow you have a twin”

Him: “FIFTEEN MINUTES BETWEEN US!!” he yelled that “yeah ten a day i’m on, ain’t good but my movver oo’s 80 smokes 60 a day and she’s….*pauses and looks into space for about 3 or 4 seconds* ..i’m 50 ha! But yeah the radioferapy, i can tell ya don’t smoke by your teef, yeah your teef are like…(made some kind of gesture here) do ya drink?

Me: “No i don’t drink or smoke, i used to but not anymore”

Him: “Yeah doctor said it was the vodka, not the beer, vodka and the shorts, you shouldn’t drink and you shouldn’t drink the shorts, it was the shorts that done it ee said”

At this point he showed me his cancerous throat which was as black as satan’s heart, ‘Satan doesn’t have a heart!’ I hear you say, well, he does and it was in this man’s neck.  I was a little bit frightened at this stage both from seeing the physical manifestation of cancer in a strange 50 year old man’s throat and by the idea that i might have to share my entire journey home with this very lovely but very drunk man.  He said he was fifty but he looked about 80 and had weird blue/black spots under his skin and all over his face.  His illness had clearly been very unkind and  I’m guessing he was riddled with with the stuff.  My bus came, i told him to drink apple juice instead and wished him goodluck.  We went on our merry ways and now I wonder where he is and what he is doing.  We also talked about welwyn garden and how he liked it and how he regrets drinking and smoking his whole life but how cancer can get anyone.  I feel sorryfor him.


I just realised someone told me it was their birthday earlier and I didn’t wish them a happy birthday.  Shit.

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