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And the decades disappear like sinking ships…but we persevere

July 13, 2009

So this weekend Rach and I road tripped to Cardiff, the soundtrack to our lives consisted of: U2, The Killers, Dire Straits, The Maccabbees, Brand New and on the return leg…some RATM which went down nicely.  Clarke and I attended a seminar on Australian visas.  It mainly informed me that my only option for entry is to marry an Australian.  So…offers? I’d make a good..err…satisfactory wife.  You have to live with me for two years :|

Anyway, Cardiff is a trip because my most formative years were spent ‘growing up’ there.  I have so many memories that fit into a relatively short space of time, about 2.5 years.  We drove past a couple of my old houses, one of which has been knocked down and rebuilt.  :(  It always frightens me how quickly time is passing but when i think about how much stuff you experience in just 1 year it’s almost a comfort to think about what might be coming up.  Everything that has led me up to this point can be traced back to a single weekend in 2003 where we chose to camp next to some Welshmen at Reading Festival.  I definitely wouldn’t know the people i know in Australia because i probably wouldn’t have moved there.  I wonder how many other decisions i’ve made, unknowingly, that have made such a great impact on my life.

I wish Anthony Hopkins was my granddad.

Anyway, we all had a supreme appetite after the seminar so we wheeled our way to The Vegetarian Food Studio where i ate almost as much as the time Rhianna and I went to veggie bar and i couldn’t stand up straight because i was so dangerously full.



Tofu Curry


Giant falafel burger for sunday luncheon.


Melbourne is still my favourite city.

On a small artistic note…as per my last post…i tried doing an inkjet image transfer and it was a FAIL.  I’m trying wood next.

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