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Coconut noises…

July 16, 2009

I am the sole carer for my cat, Misty, while my parents are away.  Like all our cats she is naughty, moody and a whiney little bitch but she has a really smooth tummy.  Every morning I wake up to find something dead at the bottom of the stairs and her toys and blanket all wrong.  She has Tarsier eyes.



They were drunk, the bear was riding the moose.  The dolphin was lying on the floor in the corner.  It had sat then fallen and was now in the corner facing the corner.  The alien was standing in  a dark doorway.  Andrew was eating green tea soy ice cream and feeling depressed.  He was looking at the dolphin.  Someone had rolled the dolphin into the corner.  Lelu was sitting with a neutral facial expression.   The president was playing poker with Salman Rushdie.  Salman Rushdie had come.

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