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Eat and two veg

July 19, 2009

The Navigator and I hit London today where time was gobbled up by the clockmonster, in between that we ate great food and wandered around looking for photo labs which were subsequently closed to the public on a Saturday ~makes sense~  Before we knew it it was home time and we watched Taken which actually has some surprisingly brutal fight scenes.    The story is basically about women trafficking and it’s enough to put you off leaving your house let alone visit Paris; I was spurred on to find out a little more about it and read some pretty devastating facts:

18’000 women, including some as young as 14, are currently working in brothels in the UK to meet the “booming demand” for prostitutes. Overseas, women, aged between 18 and 25, are promised work in London, as nannies, maids, dancers, or escorts.  Once in the UK, they are prostituted to 10 to 15 men in 12-hour sessions, six to seven days a week (their poor little cookies :C ). The women’s passports and travel documents are confiscated so they cannot get away.  In one particular case, from the minimum charge of £250 for sex, the women are  allowed to keep £50-60.  Each woman was charged £7, 500-9, 000 for being brought to the UK and £350-450 a WEEK for accommodation and expenses.  The story in Taken is that women are kidnapped, forcefully addicted to drugs and then forced into having sex with paying clientele, unfortunately, though part of a wild blockbuster story line, this actually occurs in the “real world”.  Though, mostly the women use drugs as an analgesic to numb the physical abuse they suffer.  It permits them to detach themselves from their experiences I suppose.   I know if i was ever in that situation i’d rather be out of my mind on heroin than have to deal with the reality.

Anyway as I was saying this is what I had for lunch:

Crispy duck pancakes as good as and better than Bodhi Café (RIP)

duck pancake


Lotf burger but better


RHUBARB crumble and cuthtard


I’m still full.

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