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July 20, 2009

So, finally I got some transfers to work.  At first i was using acrylic medium as the adhesive but it was only transferring the top layer of ink and i couldn’t figure out why.  Then i tried just using alcohol and water and that worked pretty well, the ink is water based so i guess it made sense.  The transparencies i’m using actually have a weird gluey deal going on when it touches water so that stopped the ink bleeding all over the place.   That sounds horrible.  Anyway, here’s what they turned out like.

First i tried paper , ended up kinda cool even though I smudged it…


Then i tried it on plain calico which worked super…



You’ve gotta get it the perfect wetness or else it bleeds everywhere, just like girls.   Next i tried wood, colour images seem to give the best result.  After the ink had dried on this one i pyro’d in the birds and some detail in the tree.


I got carried away with burning and kinda ruined this one but it transferred great, she’s pretty no?


Again with the burning..i like girls?



I’m gonna fill my room.

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