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Michael Jackson reincarnated chimerically…

July 26, 2009

I had an apocalypse dream mainly based on the premise of transformers.   Me and three other friends (who I can’t remember but i sense were a combination of my siblings and best friends) were hanging out on tour (!) and we bumped into Santa.  We had a brief hello-how-are-you chat and he quickly moved on to how he suspected something was ‘wrong’, that something was going to happen.  He  ran off to gather his team because they saved the world in my last dream when this happened (I don’t think it did, it just felt like it did) Me and my friends were walking around and we kept seeing really small people everywhere, running around like ants – not as small but you know when you disturb an ant it starts running around really fast, they were doing that so naturally we were like wtf.  Then, terrifyingly, we actually saw somebody get shrunk!  We couldn’t see how it happened but we KNEW it was by an alien machine invader and we got really scared and ran off.  We were suddenly the keepers of “the map” which meant we weren’t allowed to fight because we couldn’t chance “the map” getting destroyed.  We found a cwtch under some stairs which was filled with shoes and was actually exactly the same as my shoe cupboard under the stairs at home.  It had a little window in it and, despite having to fold ourselves up like origami once inside, we could see a little of what was happening through the steamed up window.  There were hundreds of machines with lasers shooting everything, some as big as houses and some as little as micro machines.  After what felt like a few hours we saw movement outside our little cwtch and started freaking out that “this was it”.  We all held our breath while our thoughts turned to getting shredded by the machines.   But it was a friendly face came to the window, Santa!  We opened the door (which we were holding closed with our hands so i’m not sure how we thought that would protect us from certain death) and saw the carnage that had been unleashed whilst we’d been in hiding.  The place was trashed and flooded and we still had to get the map to ‘central intelligence’.  Obviously no public transport was running and we had to cross a street which was actually now a swimming pool.  Santa’s team gave us some backpacks to carry and I was holding onto the map.  As we were swimming,  I noticed Michael Jackson was lurking in the water, no big deal.  We were aware that there were still some dangers in the area, MJ being one of them.  He started doggy paddling towards me and as i looked at him he hissed like gollum and said he was going to drown me.  He pulled me under the water and i heard someone shout we had to destroy him by suffocating him.  Somehow I managed to get him off my back because i think he had been shrunk so wasn’t very powerful.  Anyway, I pinned him down onto some steps at the edge of the pool/lake and held his mouth underwater while i squeezed his nose together.  As I did this he started to deflate and squirmed around.  It was brutal.  I was pushing his nose on the step so hard that i pushed right through it.  Then when he was almost entirely deflated, I grabbed his legs and swung his body so it pounded against a wall and his head whipped round the corner of it like a wet t-shirt.  I carried on in a murderous frenzy for a while until i realised his head had actually come off and his body was like an empty sachet of cat food.  Everyone thought it was sad what had happened to him and we mourned him momentarily.  We went on our way and destroyed the ring err…returned the map.

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    July 30, 2009 12:53 am


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