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This will make you love again

August 10, 2009

So today I went to suss a vegan place in Camden called Inspiral Lounge.  I was super siked because i’ve been drooling over their menu for days.  When I got there it was rammed with hippies and with no discernable queue, I hung out under the sign that said “queue here”.  I was watching a girl fill a bowl with various foods and i assumed she’d come to me next seeing as i had been staring at her for ten minutes holding a pomegranate and lemon tea drink in one hand and a tenner in the other.  She didn’t.  Instead she went out the back to eat her feast.  There was no actual staff doing anything except talk to each other, some guy walked out in a huff and ten seconds later so did I, the food didn’t look that good anyway.  Bummer.  So, instead, i went to get tofu vegetables from Camden market but…what did i come across along the way…



I couldn’t even get through half.  The lady rolled half in regular sugar and half in cinnamon sugar and literally forced them all in the cup and tried to force in more but i insisted that was enough. They were really fat too.

But…not as good as choco churros.

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