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Save It For The Birds

September 3, 2009

Tonight I went to this:


Backdown, Gold Kids and Lewd Acts supported.  I drank lemonade and texted throughout the duration of Backdown’s set but i did note the band was made entirely of 14 year olds.

Gold Kids were a’ight.  If it wasn’t for the singer they would have been standard.  The singer brought the Ener-G.  He took off his shirt to expose a torso made entirely of tattoos and on several occasions used the microphone to choke himself, which made him trip up at one point, silly.

Lewd Acts were kinda not that tight and a bit rubbish but i think they might have had some troubles with sound, in any case  i wasn’t down and re-applied eye liner during their set.  Despite wasting approximately 3 minutes i still managed to witness the singer prove his lewdness by throwing a cymbol stand into the crowd and dancing like a dead monkey.

DTN were fucking incredible.  Genuinely enjoyed the semi-nakedness on stage.  Tart.  Funnest band ever?

Banal Bane were….Bane.  Never been into them and it only served to remind me of ‘the Baniac’ which, when i think hard enough about, can make me dry reach.  Saw many lookalikes, what’s the deal with people looking the same lately?  Weird.  All in all a successful solo outing.  I ate Thai Buffet in under ten minutes.  Winner.


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