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Toothpaste kisses…

October 1, 2009

This wasn’t my idea but i thought it would make a good burn.  I had to adapt it slightly because the flourishy whatnots were a bit abundant.


Today something utterly terrible happened to me.  Firstly i’ll tell you that I harbour two main irrational fears: spiders being on me and spiders being in me.  Whilst gobbling down a slice of the (fruit) mince pie i made, a piece of what looked like charred pastry fell onto the surface I was eating over.  In my haste to finish the pie and clear up simultaneously i swallowed my mouthful and threw the pastry crumb into my mouth.  Immediately noticing my error, i spat it out and quickly realised what i’d thrown in there was not actually pastry but was in fact, a dried up dead spider.

“ahhh aahhh ahhh! ahhh! ahhh ahh!”

How many different words for horror can you think of ?  My face exhibited every synonym.  This isn’t the only instance of insect consumption either, i’ve also had a daddy-long-legs in my trifle (mistaken for chocolate sprinkles) and a worm in a plum that my father had previously promised there wouldn’t be a worm in, what are the chances.

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