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London you suck…

October 24, 2009

Pretty sure the place emits a slow acting poison, i’m still half dead from Thursday.  More importantly though, i found out my neighbour discovered a dead body at the lagoon down the road last Tuesday!

Suicide apparently.  Probably took a heap of drugs, went for a swim, died and sunk to the bottom and then got sucked through to one of the tributaries and floated to the top a few days later.  Here’s what happens to a dead body in water:

First you sink once all the air in your lungs gets replaced with water, the body then stays underwater until bacteria in the body produces enough methane and other gases to float it to the surface – this can take days or weeks.  At first not all parts of the body inflate the same, the chest and abdomen contains the most bacteria so that starts first followed by the head and rest of the limbs.  The most buoyant parts float the most which means the head, arms and legs are left to dangle and since they can only dangle forwards it means that the majority of discoveries of dead bodies in water are found face down.  There are exceptions for example the shorter the   limbs the less drag they will create so child corpses and i suppose very small people will float face upwards.  Then if the body is left on the surface of the water long enough it will release the gas and sink once more.   It carries on decomposing under water and the gas builds up again making it rise to the surface again, the second time it floats it’ll be more bloated and more likely to float face up.  Interesting huh?

She found it here:

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