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October 31, 2009

So the plan was for Rachel and i to buy some pumpkins, carve them into Michaelangelo masterpieces  and use the contents to make pumpkin soup.  There was a small hitch in that no shop was selling any fucking pumpkins.  The ones that were were either dangerously past their sell-by date or the size of our hands and therefore completely useless.  We searched five shops which in my opinion is four too many.  We came home bitterly disappointed but decided to make the soup anyway but substituted pumpkin with sweet potato.  It turned out amazing and i wanted to do shots of it into my eyes just to get it inside me quicker.


In the true spirit of halloween we decided to do the most minimal dress up ever, Mim came as alice in wonderland and wore an alice band, i came as a ladybird:


We watched pirated Star Trek and then spent the whole journey home (that’s about ten minutes) discussing our favourite vegetables.  I decided my favourites are probably mushrooms and cucumber and hers are mushrooms, carrots and broccoli.

You’d think that two 24 year olds discussing their preferred vegetables at length on a Saturday night must be at the very least, a little stoned.  Unfortunately that wasn’t the case, though we did laugh uncontrollably at the realisation of what we’d been discussing.  In a way i kinda wish we were stoned, i’d feel more like a 24 year old and less like an unsociable loser that can’t even buy a shitting pumpkin on halloween.

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