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My family…

November 8, 2009
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This is my Granddad, Pop.  His nickname was  ‘Sonny’ because he used to be really cheerful, then he served in WWII for 6 years and came home a different man.  My nan stayed married to him until his death in 1996.  I’m always proud to tell people about him because he survived d-day.  He drove the flat bottomed boats from the ships to the shore back and forth and basically had to drive all his friends to their death, who wouldn’t be a changed man after that?   On his wedding day, he called round for his best man but found out he had been KIA.  He didn’t tell my nan but instead made up a story about why he wasn’t there and apparently it’s why he looks so ill in all the wedding photos.


He used to sing me “old Amy’s a bunion got a face like a pickled onion got a nose like a squashed tomato and can’t ride her bike”.  And then steal my nose.

He’s pictured here in his naval uniform:


Good genes right?

This is my mum. When i think of a cartoon baby this is pretty much exactly it:

baby mum

…complete with plug in hands.  Hi mum.  She grew up and gave birth to this scruffy joker:

i can still do this

Apparently i never laughed as a baby and didn’t speak until i was 3.5 at which point i suddenly started speaking in full sentences.  Children are funny.

always a tramp

This Wednesday it will be 91 years since the formal end of WWI and roughly 54 years since WWII.  Certainly thankful i’m not rotting in Dachau.

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